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We approach the use of money the way we approach other areas of our lives, so exploring your relationship with money can provide tremendous insight into other relationships in your life as well.

Together we'll e use money reflects how we is reflective of the way we relate to other parts of our lives.

The exploration of money in our lives enlightens other aspects of our lives, enabling us to understand ourselves better and promote a more healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our partners.

I offer Individual, Couples and Group therapy and counseling services. Together, we will explore money-related issues to help you gain relief from your anxiety and fears, feel more secure in yourself and in your relationship to money. I assist you, as a couple, or individually, to be able to talk about money and to explore whether your money practices align with your values in your life.

Since your relationship to money is reflective of how you relate to yourself and to other parts of your life, determining the meaning of money in your life holds much information for understanding yourself and the different aspects of your life.

Counseling about money concerns and your relationship to money do not include investment or other financial advice that is the domain of financial planners and managers. 

My focus is the emotional and psychological
aspects of ones relationship to money and its impact on life.

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