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If you have been in distress for a while, you may find yourself living on the edge of life. You may not be involved in activities you used to enjoy or you may be reluctant to venture out to new opportunities in your work or personal life.

Participating in life may seem like just too much work or may not seem worth the effort. You may feel that life is passing you by.

It is normal to feel this way when you are depressed or anxious or overwhelmed with other problems of daily living - a work or relationship issue, worry about your finances or not feeling very good about yourself. Any of these distresses can deplete your capacity to live life more fully and with the joy you desire and that is possible.

Some of you, who are struggling, may be able to reach your potential level of life success on your own but if you are stuck, frustrated or continue to do the "same old thing" without success, having another person along the way who supports you, may make a significant difference in the time it takes to heal and the difficulty of the journey. 

I offer a confidential counseling experience to provide you the safety and support you need to resolve your problems and create the life you truly desire. Will you accept my invitation to a fuller life?

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I provide therapy and counseling services to individuals, couples, men, women and groups in relationship issues, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, communication, life transitions, couple's therapy and work-related concerns. I also provide clinical consultation for counselors and therapists. I conduct workshops and lectures to the general community.

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