What is “financial therapy?”

It’s the opportunity to explore as an individual or as a couple, any concerns related to money.  For example, the two most common are overspending and conflict with your partner about money. Something my clients have learned is that, although the issue looks like it is about money, it really is a deeper issue.   Often the problem is related to family of origin attitudes toward money, ineffective communication, or difficulty with self-esteem or managing one’s emotions.

Together, we explore money-related issues to help you gain relief from your anxiety, and feel more confident in your relationship to money.  I also assist you to be able to talk about money and to explore whether your money practices align with your life values.

In addition to identifying and understanding your “money type” and the current state of your financial condition,  I also help you adopt practical strategies to achieve stable management of your financial resources and to explore unresolved money questions.

Therapy about money concerns does not include investment or other financial advice that is the domain of certified professional financial planners and managers.  My focus is the emotional and psychological aspects of your relationship to money and its impact on your life.

The scope of our work includes improving your relationship to money, resolving conflict, enhancing communication skills, clarifying values, addressing feelings, and refining practical strategies, such as budgeting, goal-setting, prioritizing and debt reduction.  I see our work as preliminary to and preparation for certified financial planning.

For more information, please read an article in which I was featured entitled “Money Talks” in Seattle’s Child Magazine

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