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Carole Milan Danis, MSW, LICSWWhy choose me as your therapist?

As a trained and licensed clinical social worker, I am uniquely equipped to “see” you as a whole person with many parts as well as view you within the context of your life situation. This allows me to tailor make a therapy plan for you to help in our work together and to assist you in achieving what you want in your therapy.

Not only will I be interested in your psychological and emotional health, I will also be concerned about your physical and spiritual well-being, your school or work situation, etc. I will be especially attentive to your self-esteem and relationships.

I have over 35 years experience as a therapist, social worker, educator and group leader, working with individuals, adults, adolescents, families and groups on a variety of issues.

I am especially knowledgeable about women’s concerns (empowerment, assertiveness, single parenting, equality, etc.) and about the dynamics of family relationships and have received special training in these areas. Healing the adult daughter-mother or mother-in-law relationship is a special focus of my practice.

On a personal note, my own relationship with my mother was stressful and I sought therapy to decrease the pain and stress. Working through my issues, I gained strength and was able to relate from my “core”, allowing me to create a new kind of relationship with her, one that was more truthful, open, peaceful, and mutually supportive. Some of my work was done after her death. I also chose to work out my mother-in-law issues.

What do others say?

The following are unsolicited testimonials from clients. I was honored to take part in the personal growth of these women.  To protect confidentiality, identifying characteristics have been changed.

Two years after we finished our work, a client wrote me:

Looking back on my time with you, I’m extremely grateful to you for having the knowledge and experience to help me when I needed it and I’m glad and proud  that I had the good sense to seek you out! ~ B.C., Seattle, WA

Another client wrote descriptively of her therapy experience:

I’ve been thinking about what I received from therapy……I once felt sad,  confused, unimportant and a lack of energy towards life. Now, I feel a self who  wants to experience the world. The most important thing I’ve learned from you  is me.  I’ve gained a self who wants to shine. I feel energized, full of life, and  I am really excited choosing my life that I guide. I have gained self-esteem and  self-confidence…….I have become less dependent on my mother and more in the  habit of telling her what I need rather than looking for her approval. I’ve learned (about) anger, that I have it and that I will survive it if I express it. I’ve gained  trust in me and that I control my destiny. I’ve learned that I make my life. ~ K.V., Salt Lake City, UT

You might be feeling apprehensive about your choice of therapist, fearing the wrong decision or, perhaps, wondering if you can trust someone. To help you decide, I want you to know you can change therapists or terminate your treatment at any time. We generally know within the first few sessions if there is a good match.

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