Creating a Life of Purpose
for Your Next Stage of Life

I offer compassionate and hopeful therapy to help you move beyond the internal and external barriers to your healing and your yet unfulfilled desires and needs. Not only will I help you gain relief from your distress but also assist you to create a life you truly enjoy.  Let me share with you how I can help you begin engaging more fully in your life!

Carole Milan Danis, MSW, LICSW

Learn to Live Again!

Learn to Like Yourself Again

If you’re suffering from depression and anxiety and feel as if you’re not living the life you were meant to live, I can help!  Greater self-esteem and renewed energy and confidence in living the life you were meant to live, are within reach … More

Free Yourself from Past Hurts

Free Yourself from Past Hurts

If you’re suffering from guilt and resentment concerning things that happened years ago and want desperately to move forward in life and your relationships, I can help!  A new, positive outlook and loving relationships are within reach … More

Improve Family Relationships

Improve Family Relationships

If talking to your family is difficult, frustrating and downright painful, I can help!  A peaceful adult family relationship with those who are the most significant in your life including mother and mother-in-law, siblings and others, is within reach … More

Gain Financial Freedom

Gain Financial Security

If you find yourself constantly worrying, and fighting about, money issues I can help!  A feeling of financial security and confidence that you can establishin and maintain the lifestyle you were meant to have, is within reach … More

How I Can Help You In
Your Own Personal Growth

Carole Milan Danis, MSW, LICSWAs a trained and licensed clinical social worker, I’m qualified to “see” you as a whole person within context of your unique life situation.

Together, we’ll tailor a therapy plan that helps us reach your goals.

I’m interested in your psychological and emotional health of course, but I also address your physical, financial and spiritual well-being.  I’m especially attentive to your self-esteem and relationships.

I have over 40 years experience as a therapist, social worker, educator, group leader and consultant. I’m especially knowledgeable about women’s concerns, the dynamics of family relationships, and strategies regarding your money concerns and have received special training in these areas.

I’m extremely grateful to you for having the knowledge and experience to help me when I needed it and I’m glad and proud that I had the good sense to seek you out! ~ B.C., Seattle, WA


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